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Friendly and Professional Web Design and Development serving Burlington, Graham, Greensboro, and Durham, NC
Services: Website Design
JMD Web Design has 7 years of design and development experience to call on when creating new sites. We didn't go to school to learn how, we just started doing it one day on our own and found that we had acquired a valuable commodity in our skill. And we use this skill for each and every website that we turn out. This means that every site is a custom job. We don't have templates or build template-based sites because such sites, although they may be inexpensive to build, don't last long, nor do they adequately reflect the quality of our clients' businesses.

So, if you're in the market for a website, and you don't care what it looks like or if it works, then you're dealing with the wrong developer. We don't like building sites that don't work. We're not into building enough to just get by, and we don't take advantage of clients with little or no experience with the Internet. On the contrary, we feel we have a moral obligation to provide a site that not only meets our clients' expectations for quality and impact, but also exceeds it. We thoroughly enjoy when one of our websites truly makes a dramatic impact on the client's business. If our product can't deliver, then we feel we haven't adequately done our job.

Our rates for website design start at $1500 for a front-end interface inner-page look and feel for a standard-sized website. What is a "standard-sized" website, you ask? Actually, most of our websites fall into this category. BreakinTheBarriers.com and MariposaSchool.org are examples of sites that fall into this category. Add our domain registration and hosting services, and you're up and running for under $2000. Does $2000 seem like too much? $2000 may seem like a fortune if your site just sits there and looks pretty. Think about this, though. How many new sales would it take to just recoup the costs of the website in a year? Don't forget you've got a super-salesman on your side working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'd better be putting him to work! You're probably already promoting your business in several ways, why not pepper what you're doing already by adding your new website address? Do you print a newsletter? Your website address should be all over it! Do you distribute business cards? Your website address should be on it. Do you have those magnets with your logo on the side of your company car? You need to have your website address on it! Do you have a yellow page ad? Well, you get the point, I think. Everywhere your phone number is, there your website address should be also.

And furthermore, for those of you who have a great product to sell and are limiting your target audience to only those within driving distance, you really have no excuse! Why not capture leads from all over the nation, or the world, and ship your product to them! Hey, it might be cheaper than driving that SUV to Kalamazoo and back every day.


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