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Friendly and Professional Web Design and Development serving Burlington, Graham, Greensboro, and Durham, NC
Website Design
JMD Web Design has 28 years of design and development experience to call on when creating new sites. We didn't go to school to learn how, we just started doing it one day on our own and found that we had acquired a valuable commodity in our skill. And we use this skill for each and every website that we turn out. This means that every site is a custom job. We don't have templates or build template-based sites because such sites, although they may be inexpensive to build, don't last long, nor do they adequately reflect the quality of our clients' businesses....

Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization
After all, your website will be an utter failure if no one comes to visit it. That's why every website launch should include consideration for getting traffic to your website, as well as optimizing pages so that visitors take the action you want them to take. I will build online advertising campaigns that funnel targeted visitors to your page(s), adjusting copy, headlines and calls-to-action to ensure you get the highest conversion rate and the best return on your investment. Once we've dialed in your best conversion, then we work on optimizing your site to appear naturally in the popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Traditional Marketing Consulting
The same metrics that apply to online marketing should apply to your traditional marketing campaigns, too. We can advise you on how to optimize your direct mail conversion, telemarketing and in-bound call conversion, email marketing, and other traditional campaigns to make sure they can provide you with measurable results. No more guessing on whether you should buy that ad in the Yellow Pages! (don't, by the way.)

Website and Web Application Development
What is website development? Well, here's how we define it. Website development involves anything related to the building of a website that requires coding and scripting. For example, we separate website design and website development. Designing a website is done in a graphical design program, but website development involves taking that design and breaking it up into code and putting it on the web server....

Support & Maintenance
Supporting your website can mean anything from simply modifying text and images to backing up your SQL Server database. Some clients require similar changes to their website's content every month, while other clients with mission-critical applications require a certain amount of time for any problems they may encounter.

Because we want to give our clients more freedom to use their money to promote their site, we offer extended support and maintenance contracts at a discounted rate.

6 month Support & Maintenance Contract - 10% discount
12 month Support & Maintenance Contract - 20% discount

Website Hosting
What is web hosting? Think of it as rental storage space for all the images, documents, text, and all other elements of your web site. Basically, you're hiring someone to "host" these files for you on their computer (or "server" if you want to get technical). A web host ensures that your site is up and running all the time. The web host will give you a certain amount of storage space to keep your web stuff, and they will charge you a fee for as long as you keep your stuff there....

Logo and Brand Design
We offer custom logo design and development for your business, club, or event. We build logos that can uniquely identify your company at a glance and make them available to you in several easily distributable file formats.

E-commerce Integration
Open a new channel of product sales by automating the purchase of products through your website.

Database Integration
Take your website to the next level by integrating a database that lets you customize the web user experience by providing dynamic content appropriate to each user. Databases can also be used to showcase your products online without needing to have your webmaster manually update product pages as they become obsolete or unavailable.


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